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Akiko's Album

These photos were colorized with artificial intelligence and adjusted manually by Anju Niwata, a third-year student from Hiroshima Jogakuin Senior High School. Hidenori Watanabe, a professor at the University of Tokyo’s Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, supervised her project.

● Anju Niwata
Born in Hiroshima Prefecture in 2001. She learned about the “former Nakajima District” when she was in the fifth grade. She has been interested in “transmitting hibakusha’s thoughts to the future.” In 2017 when she was collecting signatures on the street as a member of her school committee, she met a hibakusha, Mr. Tokuso Hamai. She has been working on “Rebooting Memories” Project with Mr. Hidenori Watanabe, a professor of University of Tokyo. Her works include “Rebooting Memories” Exhibition at Hiroshima Television Building, movie production and other new styles of activities for transmitting memories through art and technology. She won the Student Award at the United For Peace Film Festival (UFPFF) in 2018.

“Rebooting Memories” Project

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park was once a downtown area which was called the Nakajima District, 4,400 people lived everyday lives as we do today. “Rebooting Memories” project has colorized monochrome photos using Artificial Intelligence to remind the hibakusha of their youth before the atomic bombing. The project has been working with former citizens of Nakajima District.

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