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HOPE Project Activities

The HOPE Project supports peace education through Akiko’s story and her piano. We also lend support to activities for students from abroad who visit Hiroshima and locations in this area.
We have not actively promoted our peace concerts or peace gatherings, yet our mission has gradually been recognized throughout Japan. We are surprised and encouraged to know that our efforts have become known to many people, thanks to “miraculous” encounters with wonderful people.
Akiko’s piano is an old piano, more than 90 years old. It should not be overworked. It would be difficult to have the piano involved in performances on a regular basis, so we cherish each opportunity the piano is played. We hope that Akiko’s piano will continue to play music for peace, which was Akiko’s wish, and that its sound will move your heart.

"How I met Akiko's Piano" (Japanese)

"Akiko's Piano and its Voice" (Japanese)

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